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8 responses to “Nobody reads

  1. I love libraries, and Concord’s staff is extraordinary. What keeps me coming back is that many of the women behind the desk seem to recognize me; that’s always a good feeling.

  2. Great idea with the “yes” log to identify the positive as well as the “no” log. For me libraries are a good third space. The space where I can focus, be creative, and think. I am supposed to be doing this once a quarter, but got out of the habit. Maybe your library will get on my rotation. I think I would use a library more often if I could use the one closest to where I work versus where I live. Keep up the great work and the writing, the silence isn’t good for the world.

  3. The opportunity to rent up to 50 items including books, music and DVDs of all kinds (documentaries on nature, travelling or films and series)… and the chance of getting to know vooks from new authors I never heard of.

    I watched a film named Palo Alto lately – which is based on the book by James Franco. It’s a great film by Gia Coppola, and I think I’m going to read James Franco’s book as well.

    I love the library for its space to have a seat, relax and have a good read while enjoying a cup of coffee (although their machine is momentarily out of order)

    Thanks for this article

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