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One book one community

An appeal to Nocturnal Librarian readers — what book has your community read that worked particularly well for discussions and programming? I’ve been on the Concord Reads community for a few years.  We’re starting earlier than usual on the book selection process for next fall’s community-wide read, which is good. But we have floated well over a dozen titles without any one gaining consensus so far.

So I thought I’d ask the blogging and blog-reading community. Has a recent “one book one community” read worked well in your town? What made it so great? Was there a flop?

The committee chair recently told me that our core demographic in recent years has been 50-something women. I’ve been advocating for a title that will appeal to teens as well as adults (not a YA book, but one that has crossover potential). Does your community read offer programming for various age groups? Are your area high schools participating? Do you get as many men as women turning out for your events?

For several years the committee in our city seemed to coalesce around a theme and then on a book. We’ve read about the locavore movement, refugees, and low wage jobs, for example. Does your group pick a theme or a book first?

Weigh in by commenting — and thanks for your input!





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